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What Shampoo Bar is for me?

What Shampoo Bar is for me


  Shampoo Bars are a wonderful plastic-free alternative to traditional shampoo and shampoo bottles. Natural Shampoo Bars are growing in popularity because of their ease of use and because more and more of us are trying to have plastic-free households. When you are first exploring the idea of using Shampoo Bars you might get overwhelmed by the variety of options that are available. While you can always choose a Shampoo Bar simply based on what scents you love or scents that you have found help center you, or calm you, or even energize you, you can also choose to be more strategic in your natural shampoo choices.


How to Select Your Favorite Natural Shampoo Bar 

  Everyone finds they face a particular set of hair issues including ones such as dry hair, oily hair, limp hair, dandruff, or a wide range of other hair issues. There is always something we wish we could improve about our hair or a way we wish our hair or scalp were healthier. The great news is that there is a shampoo bar formulated with many of these hair issues in mind. So to start being strategic with your hair pin-point what hair issue or issue we want to focus on first, which will help you select the best possible products for your particular challenges. 

  If you need help brainstorming what would be the best shampoo bar for your hair consider some of the follow questions:

  Does your hair need a little boost so it can be strong and beautiful? 

  If so, you might consider a shampoo bar made up of something you may be more familiar with as a drink than for its use in body products, Green Tea Shampoo Bars. These bars are great for rejuvenation & hair strength as well as being rich in vitamin b which is great for soft hair.

  Do you have parched, dry hair which could use a little love?

  If so, you might consider a shampoo bar made up of something known for being very sweet, Honey Gold Shampoo Bars. These bars are protein and vitamin packed and are great for retaining hair moisture. Like your skin loves the moisturizing power of using a nice lotion, your hair will love the moisturizing power of using honey.

  Do you suffer from dandruff getting everywhere?

  If so, you might consider the benefits of Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Bars. These shampoo bars help remove dandruff and oil from the scalp while also keeping hair shiny and moisturized. A health scalp will lead to greater confidence since you will always know that you will look your best. With such confidence you will have more strength and energy for all the great work you are doing to help the planet.

  Do you need help growing thick and lush hair?

  If so, you might consider a shampoo bar fresh from the sea, Organic Seaweed Shampoo Bars. These bars improve head and hair hydration and have essential nutrients for hair growth. It is surprising how beneficial seaweed can be for us all in your day to day lives. Go seaweed.

  Do you have dull hair?

  If so, you might consider a classic scent Morning Lavender Shampoo Bars. Not only is lavender known to bring a sense of calm when we are stressed out and anxious but is also great for the scalp and helps restore shine to hair. Sounds like a win-win to me!

  Do you have blond hair?

  If so, you might consider Chamomile Shampoo Bars. In addition to being great for soothing irritated scalps these bars naturally enhances blonde highlights. So wash your hair and then have a cup of chamomile tea to be calm inside and out.

  Do you have hard water in your home?

  If so, you might consider Olive Oil Shampoo Bars. These bars aid in restoring moisture to hair and help remove calcium build up in hair such as might occur with hard water. Just because you have hard water does not mean you can’t have amazing and wonderful hair.


  Do you want to improve circulation?


  If so, you might consider Wild Ginger Shampoo Bars. While you may think of ginger as something you need for your favorite meal, ginger also improves blood circulation on the scalp and is great for strengthening and moisturizing hair. So spice up your hair care routine with wild ginger.

  So what is your particular hair challenge? What do you wish you could change about your hair? No matter what the answers to those questions are, there is a shampoo bar for you. So take a chance and try something new and nautural! 

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