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Best Type of Hairbrush

Best Type of Hairbrush


  Taking care of our hair is always a priority. It is important that we keep our hair clean and neat to feel good about ourselves and to put our best face forward when we head out for our day. To have the hair style we want many of us have multilayer hair care routines that include our favorite shampoo and conditioner bars. In addition, we often have the perfect brush or comb for our hair. These brushes and combs can come in many different styles.


  Two areas we should consider, when thinking about hairbrushes, include the material that our brushes are made out of and the type of bristles that are used. These two factors can have a major impact on how well our brush works and whether we will be able to have amazing hair. While we have many choices when picking a bush many of us find that the perfect style for many reasons is a bamboo brush.


Hairbrush Materials


  When choosing a hairbrush, it is important that we consider what material it is made of. All too often the brushes we use are made from plastic or other non-decomposable material. These materials simply take up space in landfills creating an eyesore. This means that a plastic brush will harm the planet which is not what any of us want. We might wonder what other options we have when it comes to choosing a hairbrush. It's best to explore various different zero-waste stores.


  If we are seeking a non-plastic brush many of us will reach for a wooden brush. While wood is more eco-friendly than plastic it is a slow growing material which means our wooden brush is helping lead to deforestation. Without our forests we will not have the oxygen we need to live. While wood is better for the planet than plastic, and an ok option for some of us, wood is not the best option when it comes to choosing a hairbrush.


  The best brushes are often made of bamboo. Bamboo is a quick growing plant that has a much smaller environmental impact than other materials. In the wild bamboo needs to be harvested to keep growing. This means that our bamboo brush or even bamboo combs help keep bamboo plants growing. Bamboo is also able to produce more oxygen than a similar number of trees so by turning to bamboo we are helping to sequester more CO2.


Hairbrush Designs


  There are a wide range of hairbrush designs, some which are much better for our hair than others. Choosing a bamboo brush with rounded bristles is the best choice. A bamboo hairbrush glides through our hair, teasing the natural oils from the scalp along each strand, which results in a shinier, glossier hair appearance. These natural oils work to protect our hair and with continued use, our hair becomes healthier, stronger, and smoother.


  These rounded bristles also create a massage-like feeling by stimulating blood flow. This means that if we use rounded wooden or bamboo bristles, we will feel like we just went to a spa and are likely to have more bounce to our step. Not having to hide our hair away in a hat or other covering because we are having a bad hair day, is also nice.


  The bristles of a bamboo brush will help us keep our hair nice and shiny, and not appear dry or flyaway. In addition, large bristles are gentler on our hair which means less hair damage, and a decrease in hair loss over time. The design of a bamboo hairbrush is just another reason why they are the best brush for most hair types. When thinking about what type of hairbrush we want to use it is important to think about both the material it is made of and the type of bristles which are used. We even have you covered on how to clean your hairbrush


  When choosing a hairbrush our three main options are plastic hairbrushes, wooden hairbrushes, and bamboo hair brushes. After considering all our options when it comes to material and type of brush, we are likely to find that bamboo brushes can meet our needs the best. Being able to keep our hair shiny and smooth while using an environmentally friendly material is great to know. 

  We can have the hair we want while also protecting the planet. Whenever we have an environmentally friendly option for a product, we use every day we should choose that option. For this reason, the next time we go to buy a hairbrush there is no reason that we should not get a bamboo hairbrush. Our hair and future generations will thank us.