Plastic Free Hair Care

Plastic Free Hair Care

Plastic Free Hair Care

  While on TV and in movies it often feels like everyone wakes up with perfect hair, in real life it often takes a bit more effort. When our hair is gorgeous, moisturized, and manageable we feel good about ourselves and feel like we can handle whatever challenges we face. While many of us already have our favorite hair products all too often these products come in layers and layers of plastic packaging. We often want to be able to feel gorgeous while knowing we are not negatively impacting the world around us. One great step is to use plastic free versions of the products we love to use in our hair care routines. Between plastic-shampoo bottles, plastic-conditioner bottles, and plastic hairbrushes and just seems so unnecessary. Learn below on how to remove this unnecessary from your daily routine. You won't even notice the plastic is gone!


Plastic Free Shampoo


  Instead of getting shampoo in bulky plastic containers, which simply take up space in our bathrooms, we can choose from a wide range of great zero waste shampoo bars. These bars have wonderful botanicals that can leave our hair sparkling. We might choose a lavender shampoo bar to help sooth ourselves after a long day. We might choose a ginger shampoo bar if we want to treat our scalps to a spa-like experience. We might even choose a bamboo charcoal shampoo bar if we want a really deep clean of our hair. Choosing to use plastic-free shampoo bars means we are minimizing our ecological footprint. This in turn can give us confidence about our choices which means our faces will be glowing in addition to our hair. The shampoo bars from Seek Bamboo are made with simple and all-natural ingredients that your hair love. Think about how much plastic goes in to purchasing traditional shampoo each time. Multiply that by how many times you need it per year! Eco-Friendly shampoo is really a great alternative, and there is zero-waste left behind when you are doing using. Maybe you never heard of a shampoo bar before or maybe you have never used a shampoo bar before? Check out a great read on how to use a shampoo bar. Our product pages for shampoo and conditioner bars contain the ingredients used in each of the plastic-free hair care bars.


Plastic Free Conditioner


  When we reach for conditioner, we are seeking something that will be able to deeply nourish each strand of our hair. When our hair is conditioned, it looks better, is more manageable, and feels better too. We might wonder how we can nourish our hair without ending up with the same plastic bottles that traditional shampoo comes in. Just like shampoo we can reach for a plastic free conditioner bar. Plastic-free conditioner bars are full of creamy all-natural butters that will leave your hair feeling amazingly soft. Each one of Seek Bamboo's conditioner bar is made for a unique type of hair so that we can offer products across all types of hairs. We might choose a citrus conditioner bar in the mornings, so we feel invigorated and ready to face our days. If we need extra conditioning, we might choose a coconut conditioner bar. If we want to focus on our scalps, we might choose a green tea conditioner bar. These conditioner bars will last you along time too! Keep in mind, no matter which conditioner bar we choose we will know we will have the hair we have always dreamed of while also protecting the planet. 


Plastic Free Hairbrushes and Combs


  No matter how wonderful our eco-friendly shampoo bars and conditioner bars are we are still going to need to brush or comb our hair. Too many brushes and combs are made from plastics in a form we cannot recycle. The good news is we can choose a bamboo brush or comb to use instead. Making such a choice means we can leave behind all the issues that develop from our throwing away of plastic products that remain for decades in the waste stream. Bamboo combs and hairbrushes are just as effective as plastic ones, and in a lot of cases are more durable and a sturdier product. Plastic combs and hairbrushes are just another unnecessary plastic that has taken oven our planet.


  Bamboo combs are great for our hair, beards, or mustaches and are better able to distribute natural oils than traditional combs. This helps keep even the most mischievous hair in place. These combs also have two levels of combing which means they are useful no matter what type of hair we have. Bamboo combs are also great because they are small enough to fit in our pocket so we can have access to them even when we are on the go or when we are traveling.


  Bamboo brushes are wonderful because they cause less snagging and tangling than traditional plastic brushes. The less snagging, we experience the less hair we will find on our brush when we are done brushing. Bamboo brushes also have rounded wooden bristles which naturally condition our hair, by evenly covering our hair with natural essential oils and helping stimulate blood flow. When we are taking care of our hair it is important that we focus both on our hair itself and on our scalps. If we treat our scalps well, we are more likely to have lush and full hair.


  When we use a combination of a shampoo bar, a conditioner bar, and a bamboo comb or brush we are setting ourselves up to have amazing hair while minimizing our environmental impact. This is truly a plastic-free hair care routine! Choosing these products also means we can feel confident that we are still putting the environment first. No matter what type of hair we have or what hair challenges we have there is a way we can feel great about ourselves. This can help us feel like we are really thriving in our lives. In the end making the switch to plastic free hair care just makes sense!