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How to Use Bamboo Charcoal Bags

How to Use Bamboo Charcoal Bags


  Today many of us are seeking new ways to work towards having an eco-friendly home. We want to know that our home has as small of an impact on the environment as is possible. This can look like wanting to reduce the waste we produce. This can also mean we want to reduce our use of harsh chemicals that can both hurt the environment and our own health. While you may know there are many natural products that can be used in our homes bamboo charcoal bags may be a product you have not run across yet.

  It turns out that bamboo charcoal bags are a wonderful product that can be used in every area of our home to keep it deodorized, and to keep it bacteria and mold free. Bamboo Charcoal Bags provide these benefits without the use of harsh chemicals. Charcoal bags are better than the wide range of adsorbents, oxidizers, surfactants, disinfectants, fragrances, aerosol propellants, preservatives, and solvents such as mineral oil or 2-butoxyethanol and other glycol ethers that are often used in traditional air fresheners. So instead of reaching for chemical heavy products when you want your home to smell fresh turn to bamboo charcoal bags instead.

  So what is and do charcoal bags work? Charcoal bags are simply small cloth bags which are filled with activated charcoal. Charcoal bags are able to actually absorb and remove smells and not just mask them. Charcoal bags are a great natural product that can be used all over our homes. In addition it happily turns out these charcoal bags are very effective and easy to buy.

How to choose the best bamboo charcoal bags?

  There are a wide range of bamboo charcoal bags to choose from. The key is to check the quality of charcoal inside the bag. You should look for charcoal bags that are made with activated bamboo charcoal because this type of charcoal is the most effective. You will also want to check reviews to make sure the product you are buying actually does what it is supposed to. Reviews are especially important for bamboo charcoal bags because most of them look identical and it is hard to know the quality of the charcoal inside otherwise. Beyond the charcoal inside there is not much to worry about because when you use such bags it is all about picking a place for them and then leaving them be. 

How to use your bamboo charcoal bags?

  Once you have purchased your bamboo charcoal bags all you have to do is place them where you want around your sustainable household. Some people place them in their gym bags or shoes to neutralize the smell of sweat. Some people but them in their cars to keep their car from smelling musty. They also turn out to be safe to be put in the refrigerator as a more effective deodorizer than a box of baking soda. Pretty much anywhere you notice an odor you wish was not there you can put a charcoal bag. Once you have placed them you can forget about them for about a month. In this way these charcoal bags are very low maintenance. After a month or so it is time to give them a refresh so they can continue to work at their peak performance. 

How to care for your bamboo charcoal bags?

  Refreshing bamboo charcoal bags is very simple and can be done by anyone no matter where they live or what other resources they have access to. All you need to refresh bamboo charcoal bags is the sun. The charcoal inside the bags becomes rejuvenated through exposure to the warmth and UV rays of the sun. Leaving bamboo charcoal bags out in the sun for up to an hour once a month is enough to keep them working to their full potential. For best results, turn them over a few times during the hour to keep the UV rays evenly distributed. Caring for bamboo charcoal bags is as easy as putting them in a sunny spot once in a while and by placing them in the sun these bags can last for years.

  Now you know all about bamboo charcoal bags and have a good idea about how to choose one, how to use one, and how to care for one so it lasts for years. If you are seeking ways to make your home eco-friendly you may find that bamboo charcoal bags are exactly what you need. So go and grab one and allow it to help keep your home smelling nice.