Charcoal Bags

Do Charcoal Bags Work?

Do Charcoal Bags Work

  Charcoal bags and other activated charcoal products have been growing in popularity. These products are used in order to do everything from keeping our homes smelling good to preventing the growth of microorganisms that can cause damage to our homes and to our bodies. As we spend most of our days living and working in our homes we want to make sure our homes do not smell musty, nor that our homes are growing things that might make us feel sick, nor that our homes are going to produce an allergic reaction.

 What are charcoal bags?


These are small cloth bags that are filled with activated charcoal. The activated charcoal is charcoal which has been processed by using very high heat and is then able to absorb more compounds. Another way of thinking of this is activated charcoal is like a recycling bin with separate spaces for paper, glass, metal etc but instead of recyclables it has spots for moisture and compounds that lead to strong scents in your home. 

  The benefits of activated charcoal are wide ranging. Bamboo charcoal bags are a useful product that can be used to deodorize gym bags, refrigerators, and shoes as well help decrease the amounts of bacteria and mold we experience. Almost any spot in your home could benefit from one or two charcoal bags.

Do charcoal bags really work?

  The simple answer is YES. Charcoal bags are able to help with a wide range of issues we might face in our home. In addition charcoal bags are refreshable by being put in the sun which means that they last much longer than other products that might be used. When in doubt use an all-natural product such as charcoal bags instead of reaching for products that are filled with chemicals to solve your household needs. Nature has provided us ways to deodorize, reduce microorganisms, and even deal with pollen and dust.

How do charcoal bags help deodorize?

  Activated charcoal is a porous structure with millions of microscopic holes pulling and absorbing odor and moisture from the air. We can think about charcoal bags as roombas for scents. These bags take in scents by absorbing the organic compounds that make up those scents, and then they are refreshed by placing in the sun for about an hour once a month. The sun’s heat and UV rays remove the scents that the charcoal has absorbed.

How do charcoal bags reduce bacteria or mold?

Charcoal bags reduce bacteria or mold by reducing the moisture that is available. Bacteria and mold need moist spots to grow so by absorbing this moisture the charcoal bags do not allow bacteria and mold to get comfortable and move in. The best way to keep bacteria and mold from growing is to make sure not to allow environments that they love in our home. Charcoal bags are also useful because they can be placed anywhere including in shoes, in gym bags, in drawers, or in our cars. 

How do charcoal bags remove pet allergens?

  Bamboo charcoal bags are effective at eliminating pet allergens in your house using their air filtering and purifying abilities. As they are absorbing chemicals from the air they are able to also absorb some of the pet dander which makes us sneeze. Charcoal bags can help those of us who have mild pet allergies. Charcoal bags mean that we can enjoy the company of our family pets even more.

How do charcoal bags remove pollen and dust?

  Charcoal bags can help reduce pollen and dust because of its natural porous structure which allows for the seamless removal of such particles from the air. Charcoal bags are also known to be able to reduce the number of dust mites which leads to a decrease allergy symptoms. This is all good news for those of us who find that our own homes often make our eyes water, make us feel congested, and overall make us not feel like we are at our best.

  So do charcoal bags really work? The answer is yes, these bags can help deodorize our spaces, keep bacteria and mold at bay and even help us with our allergies. This means that we can place charcoal bags all around our home and know they will be working hard to naturally take care of us. Considering how well charcoal bags work we all should head out and pick up several right now. At Seek Bamboo, use the power of activated charcoal to make your life easier and help make your home run smoother.