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Shampoo vs Shampoo Bars

shampoo bar vs liquid

  We typically step into our showers, get the temperature just right, reach for our shampoo bottle, and wash away the accumulations of everyday life from our hair. While this might be the pattern most of us follow, there is a cheaper, easier, and a more environmental way for us to shampoo our heads: Shampoo Bars. These Shampoo Bars give us the joy of being squeaky clean, with bright, shiny, and strong hair, without the many downsides of Traditional Shampoo and Tradition Shampoo bottles.

Minimizing Environmental Impact:

  It has been estimated in the United States that more than 552 million shampoo bottles could be ending up in landfills every year; an amount that could fill 1,164 football fields; and even worst only 1 in 5 people consistently recycle items from the bathroom. Such plastic bottles can take up to 450 years to break down and can contribute to the plastic pollution found in our waterways.

  So what can we do to divert all this plastic from the waste stream?  One solution is moving to use Shampoo Bars which come in plastic-free packaging. Shampoo Bars allow us to be able to more fully appreciate washing our hair knowing that we are not harming Planet Earth. These Natural Shampoo Bars & Vegan Conditioner Bars mean we do not have to sacrifice our hair needs while lowering our overall environmental impact. 

Shampoo Bars Are Easy Use:

  Traditional Shampoo Bottles can be a pain to travel with. If we are flying we are only allowed small amounts. If we are mailing Traditional Shampoo to others it can leak and create quite a mess for all involved. If we are hiking or camping Traditional Shampoo is cumbersome and heavy to carry. All in all traveling with shampoo can involve a lot of extra effort or expense. 

  So what can we do if we want to wash our hair on our travels? Shampoo Bars come to the rescue. Shampoo Bars can be flown with, never leak, and are neither cumbersome nor heavy. Shampoo Bars are the easiest way to bring shampoo or share shampoo with others on our travels. These All-Natural Shampoo Bars will also last our entire travels no matter if we are planning a weekend away or a 6-12 month adventure.

Helping Our Piggy Banks:

  On average each year, each person in the United States spends somewhere between $50-$100 on hair products such as shampoo. That is quite a lot of money. Once again Shampoo Bars come to the rescue. Each Shampoo Bar lasts 75-90 hair washes. This means fewer trips out to buy shampoo, plus running out of shampoo while soaking wet in the middle of a showerless common. 

  Or put another way the average person would only need 2 or 3 Shampoo Bars per year meaning a savings of between $40-$80. That is a good chunk of change we can invest in other products or services that make us feel wonderful. This is also an easy way we can cut spending if we find ourselves in a financially challenging situation. Even if we find our finances are tight that does not mean that we can not treat ourselves or maintain good self-care practices. 

Shampoo Bars


All-Natural Ingredients. Real Benefits.

Shampoo Bars come in a wide range of types and scents. There is a type that can fit everyone's wants and needs no matter your hair type or hair challenges you have. For example, All-Natural Shampoo Bars can come with the following benefits:

Olive Oil Shampoo Bars: Olie Oil helps restore moisture to hair and helps remove calcium build-up. Enrich your hair with the necessary oil and vitamins to promote healthy hair restoration. 

Honey Shampoo Bars: Which are protein and vitamin-packed and are great for retaining moisture. Infused with fair trade honey to help enhance the look and feel of your hair. All Honey Shampoo Bars are safe for daily use as well! 

Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Bars: Which removes dandruff and oil from the scalp and helps shine and moisturize hair. Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Bars will help restore your scalp to its natural hair balance removing impurities. 

Organic Seaweed Shampoo Bars: Which improves head and hair hydration. and has essential nutrients for hair growth. Unleash the power of the sea and add nutrients your hair needs for proper care and shine. Seaweed Shampoo Bars happen to be our best seller and for good hair reason care! 

Chamomile Shampoo Bars: Which are great for soothing irritated scalps and naturally enhances blonde highlights. Let Chamomile Shampoo Bars help soothe your scalp back to its natural balance.

Ginger Shampoo Bars: Which improves blood circulation on the scalp and is great for strengthening and moisturizing hair. In addition, ginger extracts help promote a healthy natural scalp. 

Lavender Shampoo Bars: Which are great for the scalp and help restore shine to hair. Indulge in French Lavender fields in your natural hair helping soften and leave your hair smelling fresh. 

Green Tea Shampoo Bars: Which are great for rejuvenation & hair strength as well as being rich in Vitamin B for soft hair. Moisturize your hair with herbal ingredients for shinny more natural-looking hair.

Strawberry Shampoo Bars: Which are great for rejuvenation & hair strength as well as being rich in Vitamin B for soft hair. Moisturize your hair with herbal ingredients for shinny more natural-looking hair.

  Shampoo Bars meet us where we are and provide us what we need. These bars lessen our environmental impact, make travel easy, save us money, and come in amazing varieties. So jump into that shower, get the water to the perfect temperature, and wash your cares away with peace of mind and no guilt!