Bamboo Straws

The Best Natural Straws

Best Natural Straws

  Straws are something each and every one of us often take for granted. We sip our beverages through them as we run around going about our busy lives then forget about them. While a single straw might not be seen as a big deal in of itself, it turns out that all these single straws add up very quickly. It has been estimated that 500 million plastic drinking straws are used every day in the USA. That is a lot of straws that are used each day and then simply thrown away. That is also a lot of plastic ending up in the waste stream and ending up in our landfills and oceans. Some businesses and organizations have either banned straws altogether or only offer them if asked, but for those who depend on them or simply find them convenient, this is not particularly helpful. The good news is this is not how it has to be. We can stop using plastic straws helping to minimize the plastic we use inside and outside our home while not giving up straws completely. Instead, we can reach for one of the wide range of natural straws that are available to us.

Bamboo Straws

Best Eco-Friendly Straws


  Bamboo Straws are all-natural and can be used with extremely hot and cold beverages without any issues. Did someone say cocktails!? These Bamboo Straws are durable and can last all day. This is nice because some plastic straw alternatives such as paper can fall apart very quickly. While it is good that paper straws break down, it is not good when they break down while you are trying to use them. Few people have ever thought their beverage needed to taste more like paper. In addition, when cared for Bamboo Straws can last for years in your pantry, while still being 100% disposable and being able to be composted in your very own backyard. Bamboo straws' durability makes them a great alternative to traditional plastic straws. These straws are considered our best Eco-Friendly Straws

Grass Straws

Natural Grass Straws


  Grass Straws might seem like an odd idea if what you imagine when you hear grass is the green grass growing on your lawn or in a grassy park. In reality, grass straws are made from several types of strong fibrous wild grasses which you might picture more like reeds than grass. Typically these wild grasses are collected, cut, and washed. Then the inner surface is cleaned and they are left to dry in the sun. Finally, they get one more rinse and then are baked in an oven until they are ready to be used. Grass Straws are wonderful because they are biodegradable and eco friendly and are an easy step for you to make moving towards becoming a Zero-waste lifestyle. Unlike plastic grass is a renewable resource that can be used, composted, and regrown over and over again. In addition, there is much less pollution caused by the creation of grass straws than the creation of plastic straws.

Wheat Straws

Natural Wheat Straws


  Wheat Straws are interestingly created with a byproduct of the harvest of wheat, the stem. We use a lot of wheat each and every day, at breakfast, at lunch, and at dinner. It turns out wheat ranks third among U.S. field crops in planted acreage, production, and gross farm receipts, behind corn and soybeans. This means there are lots of wheat stems leftover. Typically these inedible stems are burnt by farmers leading to an increase in air pollution. This is why turning these stems into straws instead can have such a large impact. Instead of being burned these stems are sterilized, dried, and finally packed for use. Wheat Straws are biodegradable and will be gone within a few months in a compost pile. Wheat straws are a great way to decrease overall waste both farm waste and plastic waste in the overall waste stream. Using wheat stems in this way is a win-win for everyone involved farmers, businesses, and customers. 

  Bamboo, Grass, and Wheat Straws provide a wide range of options for us to decrease our dependence on plastic straws and move towards zero waste living. So sit back and enjoy that iced beverage on a hot day or that hot beverage in the middle of winter. With natural straws, you can sit back knowing that you are helping to remove one source of unneeded plastic use in this country. Just imagine what it would mean if each of the 500 million plastic drinking straws that we in the USA use were switched over to natural straws instead. That is living a good life.

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