Dryer Balls made of Wool

What Are Wool Dryer Balls?

What are Wool Dryer Balls


  The endless cycle of washing, drying, and wearing clothing and then starting once again from the beginning can become very automatic. We can sometimes forget to take the time to look at the environmental impact of doing laundry. The good news is that more and more of us are finding ways to do our laundry that have a minimal impact on the future of the planet. For those of us who want to take our laundry to the next level, wool dryer balls are a great way to go. Dryer balls allow us to nicely dry our clothing while also being eco friendly.


Wool Dryer Balls are Natural & Chemical-Free


  Like the name suggests wool dryer balls are balls made from sheep’s wool that can be used in the dryer instead of traditional dryer sheets or fabric softeners. If you have the right type of wool yarn you can even make wool dryer balls at home for yourself or as gifts to give to others. They are a fantastic all-natural way to soften clothes, eliminate static and lower the amount of energy that is needed by drying your clothes faster. No matter what you want from the products you use when drying your clothing, wool dryer balls are able to stand up and meet your needs, without being harmful to others.

  Since these dryer balls do not need chemicals to be made they neither pollute our waterways or negatively affect our health and the health of those we love and care about. This also means that these chemicals do not build up on our clothing and affect the absorbency of towels etc. In addition wool dryer balls have benefits such as reducing the amount of plastic that we are using in our laundry room. This is important because plastic hangs around almost forever and ends up filling up our landfills, polluting our communities, and ending up in our waterways where it can sometimes end up being ingested by us. Yuck. Wool dryer balls also are known for lasting for up to 1000 uses which means they save us money in the long run because they have a very low cost per use. While we all want to do our best to take care of the environment it is always nice to find products that are affordable and that can fit into any budget.

  At their best dryer balls soften clothes and linens naturally by tumbling around with the laundry, smoothing out the wrinkles and softening the clothing. Wool dryer balls work by bouncing their way in between wet layers of clothing that would otherwise stick together. You could think of them as small traffic control individuals who help keep everyone moving in the right direction. The separation of the layers of clothes allows warm air to dry your clothes more quickly. This is for the same reason why a towel left in a heap on the floor will take a lot longer to dry than a towel that has been nicely hung up on a hook. 

  These wool dryer balls also absorb some of the moisture, adding a second layer of drying to the mix. The inherent bounciness of these dryer balls also make your clothes static-free after taking a tumble in the dryer, making the ensuing folding process a breeze. If you want to have nicely scented clothes you might consider adding a few drops of an essential oil such as lemongrass, lavender, citrus, or jasmine to allow your clothing to sooth you in mind, body, and spirit. As an added bonus by adding your own essential oils you can control exactly what scent or groups of scents you want which means you have a lot more flexibility than can be found in traditional products.

  Wool dryer balls are an amazing product you can use in your dryer to have your laundry come out dry and fluffy each and every time. They are super easy to use and all natural and allow you to decrease both your chemical use as well as your plastic use. At Seek Bamboo we breakdown how to use Wool Dryer Balls step by step. They are great no matter who you are what type of skin concerns you might have. Wool dryer balls allow you to make an environmentally sound choice when doing laundry which can positively affect you, your community, and even the future of the world by protecting the land and waterways. Break free of the traditional laundry cycle and make a choice that will help you sleep at night knowing you are doing your part to protect the planet. 


How Long Do Wool Dryer Balls Last?


  Wool dryer balls, if properly taken care can last you a long time. You can expect to use them up to 1,000 times. If interested in more reading check out How long do wool dryer balls last?