Best Zero Waste Toilet Paper

Zero Waste Toilet Paper

Zero Waste Toilet Paper


  What is one product we all use each and every day? The humble toilet paper. More than ever the year 2020 has reminded us of toilet paper's importance as we have faced periods of shortages where toilet paper was the hot commodity flying off the shelves that everyone wanted. Where we could not take it for granted like we usually do because we often do not think about toilet paper unless we are running low or we can’t find it on our shelves. We simply expect it to be there, and become grumpy if we are somewhere that is out of it. That is typically about as far as our thinking about toilet paper goes. But it is important to think about toilet paper and the impact that our toilet paper use can have on us and on the environment.

  Did you know it is estimated that the average American used 384 rolls of toilet paper a year? Imagine how large a pile that would produce if we had to store it all at the same time in our home. Not only that but for those who choose traditional paper, 384 rolls a year is a lot of trees being cut down to simply be washed down the drain. What a waste of trees which clean our air, help prevent erosion, and help improve our own mental health. In other countries people go as far as Forest bathing in order to take advantage of such benefits.

  The environmental impact of tree based toilet paper does not end there. The creation of such toilet paper leads to the use of a large amount of chemicals, which can later pollute our waterways and can affect our own health as well as the health of our whole planet. And that is not even taking account of the plastic packaging which is used to bring that toilet paper to us which will be around polluting our land and waterways for centuries to come.

  Since we all use so much toilet paper it is important that we seek ways to lower the environmental impact of it. We might wonder what are some zero waste toilet paper alternatives. One great alternative to tree based toilet paper is bamboo toilet paper. Now the idea of bamboo toilet paper may seem confusing to us. How could the tall woody plants that pandas eat be useful as toilet paper. Bamboo looks scratchy and uncomfortable. Interestingly bamboo toilet paper has been found to be both softer than cotton & stronger than regular toilet paper. This means that bamboo toilet paper can get you clean and will be gentle on your intimate skin.You deserve to use only the very best toilet paper.

  We might wonder what are some other ways that bamboo toilet paper can be zero waste from beginning to end? Bamboo toilet paper helps cut down on deforestation because bamboo is a very quickly growing plant that can grow at a rate of up to 30+ inches a day. This is amazing considering how slowly trees grow. In addition unlike other crops bamboo needs much less additional water to grow and can be grown without any pesticides. Bamboo toilet paper is all natural and involves no bleaching or other harsh chemicals such as de-inking agents, BPA and other substances. No one wants such harsh chemicals near their intimate skin because if there is one thing we can all agree on one place no one wants a rash that is on our intimate skin. 

  Bamboo toilet paper is also completely biodegradable so it does not cause clog pipe issues once it has been used. This also means that it does not cause issues in treatment plants or create headaches for those who manage waste. Using products which are biodegradable is a clear way to help us move towards a zero-waste lifestyle.  The more products we can use in our homes that are biodegradable the nicer a world we will be able to leave to future generations. If you are wonder is bamboo toilet paper septic safe? Yes, bamboo toilet paper is septic safe!

  As we seek new ways to be eco-friendly and go zero-waste, bamboo toilet paper is a great place to start. So treat yourself and treat the planet by making the switch today to bamboo toilet paper. Bamboo toilet paper is one way you can prevent deforestation, the waste of water, the use of pesticides, and the production of plastic waste all at the same time. Make the move to zero waste toilet paper and you will never look back.