wool dryer balls vs dryer sheets

Dryer Balls vs Dryer Sheets

We all want to have fresh, clean clothes, which make us feel good about ourselves and our choices. We know the old saying that clothes make the woman or man. We know that our clothes can make us feel super cozy or make us feel like we will nail any project we need to accomplish. Knowing the importance of our clothing we spend time making sure we care for our favorite outfits so that we will be able to enjoy them for years to come. Our clothes are important to us so we learn how to best care for our items and which items to wash with which.

  In order to care for our outfits we read labels and determine what water temperatures and speeds we should use to wash our clothes. We check if items can be ironed and if they are dry clean only. When it comes to how we dry our clothes to make sure they are soft and fluffy we have several options we might consider. Two common options we might reach for are dryer sheets or dryer balls. We might wonder which is the best product for us to use when we are drying our clothes and bedding. Which is better for us? Which is better for the planet? Which is better for our pocketbook? While there are many factors we might consider it turns out in the head to head battle between dryer sheets vs dryer balls, dryer balls are the clear winner. Let's look at this drying match up round by round.

Round 1: Dryer Balls vs Dryer Sheets -  Drying Speed

One thing to take into consideration is where dryer balls or dryer sheets help our clothes dry quicker. It is never pleasant to take out our laundry and find it is still damp and in need of another cycle in the dryer. It turns out that as dryer balls are bouncing and rolling around our dryers they are helping keep our clothing from sticking which leads to quicker dry times. Like how a towel hung up to dry drys much faster than one thrown in a pile on the floor. These quicker dry times means we are saving wear and tear on our clothes as well as energy which means we see a boost in our pocket books. In addition dryer balls can fluff up down items, such as jackets and blankets making such items even softer and fluffier. Dryer balls make our clothes dry quicker than dryer sheets.

Round 2: Dryer Balls vs Dryer Sheets - Cost Effectiveness

Dryer balls can last for up to 1,000 loads of laundry which means you could use them for one load of laundry per week for almost 20 years. This means dryer balls end up being more cost effective per load than dryer sheets or liquid fabric softeners saving you money. Dryer balls are also more time effective since once you have bought them you do not have to worry about “running” out any time soon and having to remember to add them to your grocery list over and over again. Dryer balls are more cost effective than dryer sheets.

Round 3: Dryer Balls vs Dryer Sheets - Skin health

While you might not think about it, dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners are  filled with harsh chemicals which can be rough on our skin and can make skin conditions such as eczema even worse. No one wants the clothes they wear to irritate their skin. On the other hand wool dryer balls are an all-natural, chemical-free alternative to dryer sheets which can be used even by those of us with the most sensitive skin.Wool dryer ballsalso do not leave chemicals that coat your towels, making them less absorbent, that traditional dryer sheets leave. We do not need to use traditional chemicals which can irritate our skin, and pollute our waterways just to dry our clothing. Dryer balls are better for us and the planet than dryer sheets are.

When we compare dryer sheets to dryer balls we see dryer balls win in a three-round knockout. Dryer balls are better for our clothing, better for our pocketbooks, and better for our skin. While some choices in life can be hard to make, in this case choosing to use dryer balls is an easy choice. Using dryer balls means you can feel confident you are treating your outfits the best that you can. This care means that your favorite outfits will have the opportunity to be hanging in your closet for years to come providing you with comfort and strength to take on whatever crosses your path. 

Seek Bamboo offers a selection of dryer balls and complementing essential oils for an all-natural clean feeling. The fact that they are reusable, save time, energy, and money. Every household wondering wool dryer balls vs dryer sheets....the answer is easy!

Interested in learning more about wool dryer balls? Check out Seek Bamboo's sustainable lifestyle page for some additional great reads on how to use dryer ballshow long do wool dryer balls last?, or maybe you need a little more convincing and can read on do wool dryer balls work? Seek Bamboo has some great reads on sustainable lifestyle living and with the products offered here you will see that going eco-friendly is now more affordable than ever.

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