Zero Waste Kitchen

Zero Waste Kitchen

  The Kitchen is the center of the home. It is where we cook meals for ourselves and meals for those we love. It is where we have deep conversations with friends over a cup of tea or coffee. It is also where many of us now do school work or homework or zoom calls for work. Since so many activities happen in the kitchen it is a great place to focus on being zero-waste. By removing plastic and toxic chemicals from our kitchens we are able to be surrounded by wellness and expressions of caring. Caring for the planet means we know we are caring for ourselves too. For example why would we want plastic cluttering up the heart of our homes? If we do a little looking we can find a wide range of eco-friendly products for every task we might do in our kitchens. Maintaining a zero-waste kitchen is easier than ever!

Cooking And Eating 

  Food is how we express our love for others and our love for ourselves. Cooking a meal or baking something lifts our spirits and brings a smile to our lips in addition to filling our bellies. Cooking can also connect us to our cultural heritage or remind us of good times spent with our parents or grandparents learning how to cook that family classic. Food makes us feel warm and wonderful inside and out. As we prepare food we use a wide range of items to make sure the recipe comes out perfect and that we will be able to enjoy the food with ease.

  While it may be easy to overlook, when we enjoy a good meal we need products such as cutlery because we can’t always eat with our hands. Bamboo is a wonderful material that can be used for all our eating needs. For example a bamboo cutlery set which contains bamboo spoons, forks, knives, chop-sticks and straw cleaners means we are ready to enjoy any meal we prepare. We all deserve quality cutlery which does not harm the planet and bamboo cutlery can be thrown in the compost pile after a long life in our kitchen 


Zero Waste Kitchen Products


  Another item that we might find in the kitchen are straws. Straws often get a bad rap since most are made from plastics which fill our waste stream and take hundreds of years to decompose. The good news is that straws do not need to be made from plastic. There are a wide range of Eco-friendly Straws which are made from materials including grass, wheat, bamboo, or stainless steel. Eco-friendly straws provide the convenience and style of straws without leading to plastic ending up in our landfills. It is always important to remember when straws become news, that it is not straws themselves which negatively impact the planet, it is the plastic that is typically used to make such straws which is the problem.

Zero Waste Cleaning Products

  Anyone who has ever tried a new recipe or eaten a good meal knows that kitchens can become very messy. Cleaning always becomes one of the many tasks we do in the kitchen. Too many such cleaning products are wasteful and negatively impact the environment. But we still need to clean up after cooking or eating so what other options might we have?


Zero Waste Home


  If we want a zero waste kitchen, zero waste cleaning products, can make a big difference. We can try bamboo paper products such as Bamboo Paper Towels which can be thrown in the washing machine and reused up to 100 times. So 1 roll is equivalent to 100 rolls of traditional paper towels, think about all the space that will save us, in our pantry. And once we have worn our bamboo paper towels out we can just throw them into the compost to help our gardens grow more amazingly. 

  There are also times when even a bamboo paper towel is not enough and we need something for a bigger mess such as a natural sea sponge. These have a much lower environmental impact when compared to traditional sponges which are made up of plastic. We might also find in addition to a really nice kitchen sponge we might want to consider a dish soap bar. Dishwashing soap bars arrive in plastic free packaging and can be used for everything from dishes and cleaning sinks to cleaning floors, and taking stains out of clothes or carpet. These blocks also last up to 6 months which means you do not have to keep buying them over and over again like traditional dish soap.

  Seek Bamboo believes they can help all households reduce their use of plastic in the kitchen. With a variety of affordable eco-friendly kitchen products reducing plastic has never been easier!

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