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How To Clean Wool Dryer Balls

How To Clean Wool Dryer Balls


  We all want to discover the best ways to get our clean clothing dry because there is just something wonderful about freshly dried clothing. While we might enjoy the idea of hanging our laundry outside to dry, because we know it is the most environmental method, for many of us that is not possible. Sometimes it is not possible because of weather, it is hard to dry clothing if it is rainy or if it is the middle of winter. Sometimes it is not possible because of space concerns. In the end it simply comes down to the fact that many of us just do not have the ability to hang laundry outside. This means that most of us turn to dryers to get our clothes dry. Sometimes when we use our dyers we can be tempted to reach for chemical heavy dryer sheets or fabric softeners because we want dry, comfortable and cozy clothing. We sadly think these products are our only option.


  The good news that more and more of us are discovering is that there are great alternatives. For example we can turn to wool dryer balls instead of traditional products. These dryer balls are exactly what they sound like balls of wool that you place in the dryer which help your clothes dry quicker and more evenly. Wool dryer balls are all natural and come directly from sheep without the need for any added chemicals. Traditional dryer sheets and fabric softeners on the other hand contain many harsh chemicals used both in their production and in their final form. These chemicals can harm our waterways, as well as harm those of us who have sensitive skin or other health issues. Whenever possible we should avoid harsh chemicals and wool dryer balls give up one such opportunity. 

  Wool dryer balls also come without the large amounts of plastic packaging that other products come in. It is amazing how much plastic is needed to bring traditional fabric softener to our laundry rooms. Reducing this plastic use is vital for the environment because plastic rarely breaks down and if it does it can take centuries. Using wool dryer balls is a way to take care of our planet, by decreasing our overall impact on our waste streams. Waste which tends to end up either in landfills, in our waterways or making our neighborhoods and communities unlivable.  Paying attention to our waste production, especially focusing on our plastic use, means we can help make sure we are able to leave a livable planet to the next generations.

  When we use wool dryer balls we are minimizing both our homes chemical use and plastic use. Wool dryer balls are a great eco friendly alternative to traditional products. In addition dryer balls last 1000 uses which means they also help protect your pocket book which is something we all can appreciate. It is always nice to find products that help the environment and are within any budget we might have. No matter how you choose to slice it, wool dryer balls are an amazing product. 


How To Clean Dryer Balls

  Once you have your wool dryer balls you might wonder how you can best care for them. If you feel like they need a bit of a clean you have a few options available to you. To clean the dryer balls, either use a wet cloth on their surface - adding soap or sanitizer if needed or hand washing them in soapy lukewarm water. In addition you can always just throw them in the washer with your clothes for a cycle in order to refresh them. Yes it really is that simple to clean your wool dryer balls. This is important because if you are wondering how long do wool dryer balls last? Wool dryer balls can last up to 1,000 loads.

  Wool dryer balls are easy to care for and take up less space than piles of dryer sheets or other fabric softeners. You can have the comfortable and cozy clothes that you would like without the negative impact on the environment that other products produce. In addition using wool dryer balls gives you the flexibility to customize your dryer experience. If you would like to add scent to them all you need to do is add some essential oils. You might want to try Citrus, Lavender, Lemongrass or Jasmine essential oils to make your clothes smell great long into the future. In addition once it is time to pick up some new dryer balls you can add essential oils to the old wool dryer balls and keep using them to keep drawers and rooms fresh long into the future. Wool dryer balls are the gift that keeps giving.

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