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Zero Waste Shampoo

Zero Waste Shampoo



  Many of us have our favorite shampoo that helps us maintain healthy hair and a healthy scalp while leaving us feeling refreshed and clean. All too often the shampoo we have used in the past comes in lots of plastic packaging, which can take over 450 years to break down. This is why choosing a zero waste shampoo product such as a shampoo bar is so important.


  Shampoo bars are great for a wide range of hair and scalp issues. In addition, these bars are more convenient to travel with and to store in our homes than traditional shampoo. Shampoo bars also remove the annoyance of bottles of shampoo falling on us as we step into our showers. Finally, shampoo bars last for up to 90 washes which makes them economical for us all. Let us look at a few of the benefits of some of these Shampoo Bars.


Seaweed Shampoo Bar


  Seaweed shampoo bars are rich in vitamins and minerals which are great for promoting a healthy and hydrated scalp. In addition, these shampoo bars are known for their ability to heal and strengthen hair because they are rich in Vitamin E. Finally, these bars help maintain our hair’s natural shine, and support both excellent hair growth and superior hair regeneration. If we are looking for a good basic shampoo bar to use every day, seaweed shampoo bars are the way to go.




Honey Shampoo Bar


  While we often know several of the wonders of honey, from sweetening foods, to helping with seasonal allergies, to even being used as a protective layer on small cuts, we often don’t think about its benefits for our hair. Honey Shampoo Bars are great for moisturizing and softening our hair. In addition, such bars can help prevent the day to day damage of our hair and scalp. These bars also leave hair bouncing and feeling revitalized all day which will bring a smile to our faces.


Morning Lavender Shampoo Bar


  Morning Lavender Shampoo Bars are a great way to calm down after a long or stressful day by transporting ourselves to French lavender fields. These bars are also especially good for those of us who struggle with oily hair problems. The natural combination of lavender, chamomile, and juniper in these bars will bring us the essential nourishments we need for healthy-looking hair as well relieve our congested scalps. These bars are great if we want to relax and pamper our hair and scalps.


Olive Oil Shampoo Bars


  When we look at many of our hair and body products, we will find that olive oil is one ingredient that is often listed because it is known for hydrating and ability to smooth our skin and bodies. In the case of olive oil shampoo bars olive oil helps moisturize the scalp while soothing irritation. These bars are great for all hair types and will leave our hair at its softest and shiniest. We should reach for an olive oil shampoo bar anytime our scalp feels a little dried out.


Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Bars


  Sometimes we can feel the weight of the day on our hair and skin. In such cases reaching for a bamboo charcoal shampoo bar is the way to go. These bars help us extract toxins and impurities from deep inside our pores. In addition to these detoxifying benefits, bamboo charcoal is also known for its ability to deeply exfoliate our scalps leaving them feeling clean and refreshed. These bars also include shea butter, olive oil, and cocoa butter to help moisturize our hair roots. Bamboo charcoal shampoo bars are a great choice on days we want to get extra clean.


Ginger Shampoo Bars


  When we cook with ginger or have ginger tea, we experience the warmth and invigorating properties of ginger. When we use a ginger shampoo bar, we discover that ginger promotes blood circulation on the scalp and hair growth. This is especially useful if we struggle with dandruff, because these bars can help us naturally fight off dandruff. Using a ginger shampoo bar is a great way to get the juices moving and put a little more pep in our step.


  When it comes down to using shampoo bars the only real question we need to ask is what lovely scent we want. It doesn't matter if we want to moisturize and soften our hair, if we want to detoxify and exfoliate our scalps, or if we want to deal with a particular hair or scalp issue, there is a shampoo bar that would be a great fit and which will help us decrease our homes waste. One great way to start moving towards a zero waste lifestyle is to switch to shampoo bars. Seek Bamboo has a great selection of shampoo and conditioner bars that are shipped in compostable packaging. Subscriptions are available too! Check out how to use a shampoo bar if you have never used one before! You will soon realize that plastic bottled shampoo is no longer needed

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