Buying Zero Waste

Zero Waste Store

Zero Waste Store

  When it comes to adapting to a zero-waste lifestyle, it's important to have a reputable source to buy products from. Since the movement is relatively new, this can be challenging for those just starting out. However, Seek Bamboo is looking to fill this void. The store is a haven for those looking to cut back on waste while shopping for sustainable products. 

What Is Zero Waste?

  If you've never heard the term zero waste before, it's exactly what it sounds like. The goal is to create zero waste in your household, so you contribute nothing to the evergrowing landfills. Instead, products should be chosen carefully based on their packaging — reusable containers are best. Additionally, there are reusable products that cut back on the amount of waste a household creates each day. 

How Do You Achieve Zero Waste?

  The main goal is to buy products free of wasteful packaging, such as plastic. These take up a lot of space in the garbage and contribute to growing mounds of waste in landfills. While plastic is largely recyclable, not every city or town has processes in place, so much of it still ends up in the trash. Since these products don't break down easily — or ever, for some — they often sit there taking up space for decades. 

  Consideration for compostable items and renewable sources is also critical to achieving the zero-waste lifestyle

Seek Bamboo Products

  Every one of Seek Bamboo's products is chosen for its sustainability and contribution to the zero-waste lifestyle. There are several different categories for shoppers to choose from such as bathroom, kitchen, and sustainable household products. Each of these categories contains several products and the line is always expanding. Let's take a look at a few. 

Sustainable Kitchen 

  If you think about your kitchen, you're likely to identify a lot of areas where you're contributing extra waste. 

  For example, let's consider your utensils. If you're using plastic or metal utensils, they'll eventually find their way into the trash and then the wasteyard. However, bamboo cutlery offers the same versatility as their plastic and metal counterparts, without the waste factor. They dissipate within 3 months when left in a compost pile. Plus, you won't have to worry about little bits of plastic melting into your food. 

  Another product that you see in many kitchens are plastic straws. These have proven to be awful to nature, especially to sea creatures. Bamboo straws, however, can last for years when properly cared for. And just like the cutlery, they can be disposed of in a compost heap where it'll cycle back into nature within a matter of months. 

  Other kitchen products include bamboo paper towels which can be washed and reused up to 50 times each. Considering a single spill can take several paper towels to mop up, that's a lot of waste you're avoiding by simply switching to bamboo. 

Plastic-Free Bathroom

  The sustainability at Seek Bamboo also carries over to the bathroom. Here, you'll find a wide variety of products that make life simpler while still reducing waste. 

  Bamboo toothbrushes are at the heart of what Seek Bamboo offers. They come in different colors with handles made of 100% bamboo pulp. They last just as long as their plastic counterparts, but with zero-waste. You can also find charcoal toothbrushes for that extra cleaning power. 

  Speaking of toothbrushes, you'll need toothpaste, and Seek Bamboo has four different kinds. They all come in reusable packaging, so you can repurpose the jars around your home when they're empty. 

  Skip the cotton swabs and replace them with bamboo. There are two types: disposable and reusable, both of which contribute to the zero-waste lifestyle. 

  When it's time to wash your hair, forget those shampoos and conditioners that come in plastic bottles creating excessive waste in a multi-person household. Instead, natural shampoo bars will become your next best friend. They're made with sustainable ingredients, many of which are organic, and are easy to use. Each bar lasts up to 90 washes, and when the bar's gone, there's literally nothing left to dispose of. Choose from several different scents and formulas, depending on your hair type and preferences and feel free to change it up each time!

  The beauty of bamboo is that it's self-renewing. Harvesting the crop for use doesn't keep it from growing; it actually only spurs on more growth. Seek Bamboo finds only the best products on the market to deliver to your doorstep, so you can do your part for Mother Earth.