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Zero Waste Dental Floss

  We are asked a number of questions every-time we go to the dentist including if we have been brushing as well as if we have been flossing our teeth. While flossing is very important, did you know that traditional floss is made up of petroleum. Traditional floss often contains petroleum both in the floss itself and in the wax that covers the floss. Yuck. You would not want to drink a glass of petroleum so why would you use petroleum products inside your mouth? So do we have any better options to choose from? Yes, because we are in luck, there are several floss products that do not use petroleum or any plastic at all. If you want your next dental visit to go well, while also caring for the planet you might consider one of the following types of floss.

Silk Dental Floss

  The first type of floss we might explore is silk floss. Silk floss is easy and smooth on our gums. Silk is also an all natural, 100% sustainable product. Such silk floss also uses vegan candelilla wax instead of wax from petroleum or from animal products. As you are enjoying your silk dental floss you might consider also using a bamboo toothbrush to make your whole brushing experience sustainable. Make sure you floss between each and every tooth, each day, by using all natural silk dental floss. 

Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss

  Surprisingly another natural product that can be turned into floss is Bamboo. Bamboo can be made into strong but soft fibers which can be used for a wide range of products including dental floss. Bamboo charcoal dental floss helps remove plaque while whitening your teeth at the same time. Bamboo Floss is also stronger than other traditional Eco-Friendly Floss such as corn fiber and silk and is vegan too. Why not pair bamboo charcoal dental floss with a sustainable Charcoal Toothbrush to see stains disappear from your mouth in a blink of an eye. Bamboo is also amazing to use because it is very quick growing which means it has fewer negative impacts on the planet in terms of water use and pesticides and other chemicals needed to produce it. Why not treat your gums and smile by using bamboo charcoal dental floss today?

Natural Floss Picks

  These floss picks give you the benefits of a pick without the unneeded and harmful plastic. The pick is made of corn-starch, designed with a double thread to ensure food debris is easily and efficiently removed while using, and has a curved handle to easily grip. Picks are great to use in places that might be hard to use just floss such as around dental work. Also natural floss picks can be easier to use than traditional floss, especially if your teeth have limited room in between them.   

Charcoal Floss Picks

  Natural floss picks are great but sometimes you will want to elevate your flossing experience. One of the easy ways to do this is to use picks with Activated Charcoal Floss. The absorption power of activated Charcoal means these picks help aid in removing tough to reach stains as well as removing bad breath instead of masking it. It is always amazing when a product serves multiple purposes such as cleaning and dealing with any morning breath we might have. So treat yourself to a full mouth experience and try charcoal floss picks.

Other Products

  As you are taking the step of using zero waste dental floss you might consider other products you could use to keep your teeth sparkling. If you are interested in trying zero-waste floss, but not sure which is best for you the Eco-Friendly Floss pack will give you a tube of each at a discount! Seek Bamboo offers many other zero-waste options for the twice daily routine. Toothbrushes are a great example of such a product since they are biodegradable, have fun color options, and lead to a donation to charity. Bamboo toothbrushes also come in a wide range including some which even contain activated charcoal which contain the added power of absorption. In addition toothpaste powders and tablets are an eco friendly and convenient product for those who travel or just for those who do not want plastic tubes filling their cabinets and bathrooms. 

  There are many products we can use in order to make our dentists proud the next time we go in for a check up. When we combine the power of sustainable floss, toothbrushes, and toothpaste powers and tablets we can go about our day with a smile knowing we are doing our part in order to keep the planet nice and clean. It is a win-win. So the question comes down to what type of floss are you planning to be using today?


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