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Bamboo Toilet Paper Subscription

Bamboo Toilet Paper Subscription


  Most of us use toilet paper each day without giving it much thought. While we might think all toilet papers are basically the same, in truth there are a wide range of toilet paper options including bamboo toilet paper. All too often we don’t think about the long-term environmental impact of all the toilet paper that we use but it adds up quickly. One great way to make sure we always have environmentally tree-free toilet paper on hand is to make sure we sign up for a bamboo toilet paper subscription. 


What Is Bamboo Toilet Paper?


  Bamboo toilet paper is toilet paper that is made from the quick growing bamboo plant. We might worry that bamboo would make a hard and scratchy toilet paper, so we will be glad to hear that bamboo toilet paper is both softer than cotton & stronger than regular toilet paper. Such toilet paper can get us clean and is gentle on our intimate skin, which is something we are all looking for. In addition, bamboo toilet paper breaks down better in our septic systems than traditional toilet paper which reduces our chances of having to hire a plumber. No one wants to end up with expensive plumbing issues. 


Why is Bamboo Toilet Paper Better?


  Compared to traditional tree-based toilet paper, bamboo toilet paper helps reduce deforestation. Unlike trees, bamboo is a quickly growing crop, it can surprisingly grow up to 3 feet a day and is a grass that does not need to be replanted after it is harvested. This means that bamboo is a sustainable crop to use for toilet paper. In addition, compared to trees, bamboo produces up to 30 times more oxygen and absorbs over 35 times more carbon than trees. This all means that bamboo is a better product to make natural toilet paper we use every day out of compared to having to cut down our planet’s forests to do so. For all these reasons bamboo toilet paper is a great alternative to traditional tree-based toilet paper. 


Never Run Out Of Bamboo Toilet Paper


  One of the major benefits of a bamboo toilet paper subscription is the peace of mind of knowing we will never run out. Running out of toilet paper is something that none of us enjoys but having to regularly go to the store and bring home bulky toilet paper can be a pain. Having bamboo toilet paper regularly coming to our very own front doors is also useful because we all have seen that during moments of peak demand our local shops can run out of toilet paper or have limits on the amount that we are able to purchase. Sometimes it can seem like humble toilet paper is worth its weight in gold. No one wants to run out of toilet paper, so a subscription is a great option for us to take control of our toilet paper usage.


Save Money


  When we choose a bamboo toilet paper subscription, we will be happy to know we will end up saving money on our purchase. This means that we can choose to use eco-friendly toilet paper without breaking the bank or having to sacrifice in other areas of our lives. We all love to have a bit of extra money in our pockets and toilet paper subscriptions are a great option for this. This also means that switching to bamboo toilet paper is an option for us all no matter our economic status. We do not have to be part of an elite to do so.


  When we are looking for great toilet paper options, we will find that bamboo toilet paper subscriptions are a great option. Not only do these subscriptions mean that we always will have ready access to an environmental toilet paper which is both soft and strong, but we also can save money in the long term. While we may have a wide range of reasons why we want to switch to a bamboo toilet paper subscription, in the end no matter who we are we can benefit from doing so.


  Making this switch is a great way to take control of our environmental footprint, while having the benefits of never running out, not having to lug toilet paper home from the store, and even taking more control over our finances. In a day and age where many of us get a whole range of products through subscription boxes, why should we not do likewise when purchasing a product we use every day?

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