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Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper


  It can feel like the year 2020 has meant that everything has changed in our lives. How we live, how we work, and even how we spend our free time looks very different now than it did a year ago. While we all have been facing a lot of change this year there are some things which have remained the same such as our need for toilet paper. We have been reminded of this need as store shelves have periodically not had any available and bartering with friends for toilet paper has occurred. There have been moments people have joked that toilet paper was worth more than gold. As we have been forced to pay more attention to this product that we use everyday and often take for granted we have started to look at the environmental impact of that toilet paper. 

  The average American used 384 rolls of toilet paper a year and most of that toilet paper is tree based. What a waste of trees which provide us so much as they clean our air, help prevent erosion, and help improve our own mental health. Some people even spend time forest bathing in order to soak in all the benefits of being near trees and studies have shown that communities which have trees are safer for all those who live there. What a large use of chemicals, which can pollute our waterways and can affect our own physical health as well. Our days are filled with uncountable numbers of chemicals and we are finding all these chemicals can negatively impact our health. What a lot of plastic packaging which fills our landfills and pollutes our land and waterways for centuries to come. Plastic packaging is also simply a pain for us to deal with and adds to our costs as seen by higher bills for garbage pick up. There has to be a better option when it comes to toilet paper.


Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

  For example one eco-friendly toilet paper option is bamboo toilet paper or like the name implies toilet paper which is made from the bamboo plant. Bamboo toilet paper meets all our needs by being both softer than cotton & stronger than regular toilet paper. While we may not think of Bamboo as a good source of toilet paper, in the end bamboo toilet paper can get you clean and will be gentle enough for even the most sensitive of skin. Strength and softness are pretty much all we ask of the toilet paper we use each day. You deserve to pamper yourself and only use the very best toilet paper, toilet paper which is super soft and super strong, so consider switching to bamboo toilet paper. We love bamboo toilet paper and we know you will too! 

  There are numerous ways that bamboo toilet paper is eco-friendly. Bamboo toilet paper prevents deforestation because the bamboo plant can grow at a rate of up to 30+ inches a day. This is amazingly fast when you compare it to the length of time it takes for a tree to grow. Even with paper producers who celebrate planting replacement trees, it takes a long time for those newly planted trees to reach their full impact. Bamboo is also a great material since it uses less water to grow and can be grown without any pesticides which helps us conserve and keep clean the water we use each and every day to drink and wash and clean. Too many of us around the world lack access to clean drinking water so we all need to do our part to make sure the water we have stays clean.

  Bamboo toilet paper is all natural and involves no bleaching or other harsh chemicals such as de-inking agents, BPA and other substances. No one wants such harsh chemicals near their intimate skin because if there is one thing we can all agree on one place no one wants a rash on that skin. Plus bamboo toilet paper is completely biodegradable so it does not cause our pipes to clog, or cause issues in waste treatment plants. The more products we can use in our homes that are biodegradable the easier it is for us to deal with our waste on individual, home, local, and national levels. In fact if you are wondering if bamboo toilet paper is septic safe? Yes, bamboo toilet paper is septic safe!


  Curious to know the difference between bamboo toilet paper vs. recycled toilet paper? At Seek Bamboo we thrive on helping our sustainable customers find out the truth with all eco-friendly toilet paper to help ensure we find the best fit for you.

  Switching toilet paper is one way to make a big difference in your day to day environmental impact without having to sacrifice comfort or usefulness. Order zero-waste toilet paper online and know you are doing your part to live an eco-friendly life. You can even get a bamboo toilet paper subscription so you know that you will never end up running out unexpectedly and you will not have to be stressed no matter how much toilet paper is available on your grocery store shelves. 



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