Bamboo Toilet Paper

Tree Free Toilet Paper

Tree Free Toilet Paper

  Toilet paper is something we use each day but generally do not give much attention. Assuming we have toilet paper when we need it, and it is strong and soft enough for our purposes, we generally allow it to blend into the background of our households. In truth toilet paper has a more complex story to tell. We may be surprised to discover that there are a wide range of options we can reach for when making our toilet paper purchases. One such choice is to choose tree free toilet paper which causes less ecological damage than its traditional counterpart. Once we have looked at toilet paper and its creation, we will discover that choosing tree free toilet paper is the way to go. Then you will see why we love bamboo toilet paper!



How Is Traditional Toilet Paper Made?


  Most traditional toilet paper is made from wood fibers from trees mixed in water with chemical sulfates to help it break down, starches that create strength when wet and chemicals to make it white. Such toilet paper uses a combination of softwood fibers to give the paper strength and hardwood fibers that make the paper soft. Water and chemicals break down the trees into usable fiber and bleaches are used to whiten the toilet paper. This means that the production of traditional toilet paper leads to increased deforestation, wastes water, and uses toxic chemicals, all things we want to avoid.



What Is Tree Free Toilet Paper?



  Tree free toilet paper is simply toilet paper that is made from non-tree plants such as bamboo. Bamboo is a quick growing grass that replants itself, uses less water to grow, and that must be harvested to stay alive. In addition, bamboo forests produce up to 30 times more oxygen and absorb over 35 times more carbon than trees. This means bamboo is a great resource that decreases deforestation, and water usage which makes it a good alternative plant to use for the toilet paper we end up using each day.  Tree free toilet paper can have a vast positive impact on the environment.



How Is Tree Free Toilet Paper Made?



  Bamboo has a wide range of properties which means it can be turned into products such as toilet paper more easily. For example, bamboo is naturally odor resistant, antibacterial, antifungal, and hypoallergenic which means that fewer chemicals need to be used to process it into toilet paper. Also, unlike traditional toilet paper, bamboo toilet paper also does not need harsh de-inking agents and chemicals such as BPA to be made. Reducing the need for harsh or toxic chemicals is one way to help protect against possible contamination of our water tables as well as possible contamination of the wider ecosystem.



Why Choose Tree Free Toilet Paper?



  The toilet paper we use can have a major impact on our household’s ecological footprint. Did you know that Americans are the world's leader in toilet paper consumption using on average over 140 rolls each year? Therefore, choosing tree free toilet paper can make a big impact on our households’ level of sustainability. If we are looking for one change to our normal lifestyle that will have the greatest difference to our level of eco-friendliness, paying attention to our toilet paper is a great place to start. Give toilet paper the attention it needs. Interested in learning about the differences between bamboo vs recycled toilet paper.


  Bamboo toilet paper is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper. Bamboo is strong enough and soft enough for all our needs while also being more environmentally friendly to grow, to turn into toilet paper, and to dispose of. All too often traditional toilet paper never has a chance to break down meaning that it continues to pollute our waterways and often at the end of the day ends up in our landfills. Bamboo toilet paper is known to decompose at a much faster rate meaning it can break down before it gets caught in the waste stream system. Also, it is fair to say that bamboo toilet paper is septic safe! Bamboo is biodegradable and can be considered septic safe.


  After comparing the creation of traditional toilet paper and tree free alternatives it becomes clear that tree free toilet paper is the way to go. While we may not be able to find bamboo toilet paper on our average store's shelves, we can find it on-line. Seek Bamboo offers several bamboo toilet paper subscription plans that can save us money, save us time, and make sure that we are never left in the lurch without access to the toilet paper we need. These subscriptions also mean we can have our toilet paper sent to us in plastic free packaging which is an added eco-friendly bonus. So, tree free toilet paper is a great product that should be featured in our homes to show our commitment to the planet we live on. Zero-waste toilet paper is something that we should all be able to get behind!


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