DIY Reusable Cotton Rounds

DIY Reusable Cotton Rounds

DIY Reusable Cotton Rounds


  Disposable wipes while sometimes convenient have a high environmental cost. While one or two wipes might not seem like a big deal if we use them every day they add up quickly. In addition most disposable wipes are made out of materials that do not break down in landfills meaning the wipe we grab will be around for years to come. The great news is there is an alternative to disposable wipes. This alternative is reusable cotton rounds.

What makes our reusable rounds amazing?

  What makes our reusable rounds different from others you might buy is that ours are made out of Bamboo. Bamboo is the magic ingredient that makes our makeup remover rounds so wonderful. The bamboo means these rounds are super soft on our skin. Using bamboo means our rounds have a much lower environmental impact than traditional cotton which needs the use of pesticides in order to be grown and the use of chemicals in order to be transferred into their final product. Bamboo also has natural antibacterial properties which help keep us healthy inside and out, and which reduce the likelihood that our reusable product is going to grow mold or bacteria.  

What to look for in a reusable cotton round

  When choosing the best reusable cotton rounds look at the material that your round is made up of. Since you are going to be using these rounds on your face it is important to seek rounds made of organic cotton, bamboo, or similar organic material. The last thing you want to use on your face is a product that contains harsh chemicals or needs harsh chemicals to produce. Finally you should look for reusable rounds which are likely to last you a long time and can easily be disposed of once worn out. For example some reusable rounds can be thrown into the compost pile. When choosing a reusable round it is important to consider the product's complete life cycle from how the material is grown, to how the material is processed, to how you can properly dispose of the product once you are finished with it. Learn how to wash reusable cotton rounds in our sustainable lifestyle section. 

How To Make Your Own Reusable Cotton Rounds

  Step 1: Pick a Fabric. The fabric you choose can be fabric you pick out just for this project or you can choose to use whatever fabric scraps you happen to have hanging around. Remember if you are going to use these rounds on your face you want a material that is soft and won’t scratch you. It also might be fun to choose a pretty pattern that will bring you joy when you use it. We all can use more joy sprinkled throughout our day. 

  Step 2: Draw a Circle. This can be done using a compass and a fabric pencil, or using a glass or cup and tracing. While these rounds are like the title says typically round in truth you really can make them any shape you want. Maybe using a reusable round in the shape of a heart or butterfly will bring you joy. This also means even if you go with the traditional round shape it is ok if they are not perfectly round especially on your first few times. They will work just as well no matter what shape they are.

  Step 3: Place your two pieces of scrap fabric with the wrong sides touching each other. You want the right sides of both fabrics facing out. Or put more simply you want to see what you want on the outside. While this might seem oberious in many sewing projects you sew your fabric prices and then flip it inside out. This is a project where seeing the stitches is not only fine but is considered a decorative flourish. 

  Step 4: Pin your fabric so it will not move around as you try to sew it. Do not forget this step because as you are sewing the fabric will bunch up or get out of alignment if it is not pinned. This may seem like only an extra step but if you pin your project well it will save you a lot of heartache later as you are sewing. 

  Step 5: Sew your reusable rounds. This can be done either on a machine or by hand but the key is to have nice tight stitches to help reduce the edges from fraying. Make sure that every stitch goes through the backing fabric. As mentioned before this is a project where the stitches are to be seen and add to the eye appeal. Creating our own reusable cotton rounds is easy if we follow these five steps. Make sure to check all of our natural beauty items offered by Seek Bamboo to help make create a sustainable bathroom sanctuary.