Best Essential Oils for Dryer Balls

Essential Oil Dryer Balls

Essential Oil Dryer Balls


  So you have been working hard to have an eco-friendly home and have started in your laundry room. You have made the switch from traditional dryer sheets to using dryer balls. You feel good knowing that you are not using harsh chemicals on your clothes. In addition you get to know you are taking an important step towards a more plastic-free sustainable household. Everything is going well, and you feel good about your choice to switch to dryer balls, but then you realize you sometimes miss the smell of your clothing fresh from the dryer. You might think you will have to give up nice scented clothes.


Is it Safe to use Essential Oils on Dryer Balls?

  Do not worry, you can have great smelling clothes while still having all the benefits of using dryer balls by using essential oils on your dryer balls! Simply before tossing your dryer balls into the dryer with your load of laundry, pick your essential oil and drop anywhere from 4 - 10 drops on each ball. You can pick different complementary scents for each ball, or just streamline your scent and pick one per load. Don't fret, you can even us essential oils on Alpaca Dryer Balls! While this is great news this knowledge might lead you to a follow up question and ask which essential oils might be the best to use with your laundry. Four common ones include citrus, jasmine, lemongrass, and lavender. So let's consider which might be best for you based off of what you are looking for beyond simply a nice scent.


Wool Dryer Balls Essential Oils


Citrus Essential Oils

  Citrus essential oils are known for giving us an all natural boost of energy. One study showed this energy boost was great enough to be measurable as better athletic performance. These essential oils are great when we are challenged by either depression or anxiety because they can lift our mood. Using citrus essential oils can also help keep us healthier because they contain all-natural antibacterial properties and are able to help keep the common cold away. Finally using citrus on our wool dryer balls is a wonderful idea because citrus has been shown to help keep unwanted pests away. Citrus essential oils are a great alternative to traditional moth balls and have a scent that many of us prefer. So we should use citrus essential oils when we want to make sure our clothes will last for a long time.

Jasmine Essential Oil Benefits

  Jasmine reminds us of gardens in far away lands and times when we were able to travel. Jasmine has also been shown to affect brain function helping us with learning, concentration, as well as problem solving. Jasmine helps us keep our minds working at their best capacity which is very useful in a time of zoom calls and quick pivots at work and in our lives. Jasmine essential oils also can act as an antidepressant and provide us with anxiety relief and even help us produce more serotonin naturally. Jasmine can also act as a mild sedative which helps us fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night so that we can wake up and face whatever life has in store for us each morning. So next time you use your dryer balls try some Jasmine essential oils.

Lavender Essential Oils

  Lavender’s power over our senses has been noted for generations. It helps calm our minds when we are feeling anxious. It helps us sleep when sleep seems like a far off hope. It helps ease our headaches and our tummy aches too. A little lavender goes a long way in helping us refocus, re-center, and reboot in times when it feels like our lives are a bit out of control. Using lavender essential oils on our dryer balls can help us bring this peacefulness to every piece of clothing we have. Lavender can also transform all our bedding into a sweet gateway to a deep and restful night's sleep. Take advantage of using Lavender if your priority is settling both your mind and body.

Lemongrass Essential Oils

  Lemongrass is something we sometimes think in terms of cooking but it turns out that Lemongrass essential oils are also useful in many other situations. Lemongrass can soothe us when we are experiencing stress. Lemongrass can also help reduce muscle pain and stiffness. Lemongrass is an amazing room refresher. In addition lemongrass is able to help keep bugs away from us which means if we use lemongrass essential oils on our dryer balls we will be leaving our clothes in a great condition as we explore the great outdoors. So boldly go for a walk, run, or hike knowing that you will experience fewer bites and stings. 

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