What Do Dryer Balls Do?

What Do Dryer Balls Do?

What Do Dryer Balls Do


  One area there has been a push to find eco-friendly products for is the laundry room. We want ways to clean our laundry which do not leave behind residue which can irritate those of us with sensitive skin. We want fresh, clean and soft clothes without the negative environmental impacts.

  This push for eco-friendly laundry products is only growing in popularity and is also a response to the fact that traditional detergents and chemical fabric softeners can be very allergenic and have been known in some cases to worsen eczema. Chemicals in dryer sheets can cause respiratory irritation as well as headaches and dizziness. We just want to have clean, soft, clothing without causing harm to our bodies or the environment. What can we do? It turns out that one product which can meet our needs are Wool Dryer balls which serve as a substitute for these chemical-based fabric softeners. What do wool dryer balls do?

Hasten Drying:

  Dryer balls hasten drying by preventing clothes from clumping while drying leading to clothes drying more evenly. The dryer balls bounce around in the dryer forcing the laundry items apart, when they would otherwise stick together in one big wet mass, and increasing the air circulation around each item. You might think of these dryer balls as acting like the individuals who help direct traffic at a busy concert or other event, and whose actions lead to a smoother experience for everyone involved. Our clothes sometimes need a physical reminder to leave space just like we sometimes do when we are waiting in a long line.

Soften Clothes:

  Dryer balls soften clothes and linens naturally by tumbling around with the laundry, smoothing out the wrinkles and softening the clothing. Just like we all like a nice massage to help get the kinks out of our muscles, our clothes like a nice dryer ball massage to get the wrinkles out. In addition, unlike chemical fabric softeners which can build up in your clothing and affect their effectiveness, dryer balls leave your clothes at their best. When softening our clothes gently is the way to go.

Reduce Static:

  Dryer Balls generate a slight steam effect in the dryer, especially if they are dampened with water before use, which helps fight static build-up because much of the reason static occurs is due to over drying clothes. This overdrying effect can be seen by the buildup of static in the middle of winter when our fuzzy socks rub against our rugs, sometimes unpleasantly shocking us. It is shocking how annoying static can be.

Save Money:

  Dryer Balls save us money at every stage of their use. Wool Dryer Balls shortened drying time which leads to a decrease in energy used and energy costs. With improved drying times and decreased exposure to high heat clothes last longer too, so we end up having to spend less money buying new ones. In addition dryer balls can be used up to 1,000 times. 1,000 is a number it might be hard to picture so put another way it means you could do 1 load every week for almost 20 years or 20 loads a week for about a year. That is a lot of laundry no matter how you slice it and the cost of an equivalent amount of fabric softener would be cost prohibitive. It always feels good when we can be eco friendly, use an eco friendly product, and at the end of the day see more money in our pocketbooks at the same time. Dryer balls are able to do all these things.

  There is something about fresh laundry which makes us feel like we are being pampered. While the traditional products we use on our clothes are filled with chemicals and irritants, the good news is we have other options. Dryer balls naturally hasten drying time, soften clothes, reduce static, and save us money. With all the benefits of natural wool dryer balls why would you not choose to use these amazing products. So go forth and pamper yourself, pamper you clothing, and pamper the planet at the same time.

   It seems like wool dryer balls in the laundry are a win-win, because you are saving time and money. The dryer balls offered by Seek Bamboo will do just that for you and the planet will be thanking you as well. 


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