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Why Use Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Why Use Bamboo Toilet Paper


  Toilet paper is a household item that we don’t tend to give too much thought to outside of when we run low and must buy more (and it better be the softest!). We may not think about how the toilet paper we use can have a major impact on our household’s ecological footprint. Did you know that Americans are the world's leader in toilet paper consumption using on average over 140 rolls each year? That is a lot of toilet paper. Fortunately, there is a natural toilet paper offering you a tree-free TP experience


  Much of this toilet paper comes from paper made from trees. The same trees that help stabilize soil, absorb excess water, keep our communities cooler, and provide us much of the oxygen that we breathe are literally simply flushed down the toilet. One great eco-friendly alternative we can use instead is bamboo toilet paper. Bamboo toilet paper is exactly what it sounds like, toilet paper which is made from bamboo which is well known as a renewable resource that has many eco-friendly benefits. 


Bamboo Is Renewable 


  First, unlike trees, bamboo is a renewable resource that grows very quickly. Did you know that bamboo has gotten in the Guinness Book of World Records for being one of the fastest growing plants? Some types of bamboo can grow more than 35 inches in a day! This means if we sit in a bamboo forest, we can see bamboo growing in real time. This is exponentially faster than trees which can take anywhere from 10 to 120 years to grow. This also means we can plant bamboo crops and harvest them in a timely manner.


Bamboo Is Eco-friendly to Grow


  Bamboo is also an eco-friendly plant to grow. Bamboo needs less water, less irrigation, and naturally is pest resistant which decreases the need for pesticides. This all means that bamboo is the perfect renewable plant to use for an everyday product such as toilet paper. Bamboo can be harvested ecologically which means choosing bamboo toilet paper is one way we can protect trees and help reduce deforestation. 


Bamboo Toilet Paper Is Strong


  Bamboo is extremely strong and is used in a wide range of household products. We can all agree that we don’t want toilet paper which falls apart as we are using it. In addition, having strong toilet paper means we do not have to use as much each time, further reducing our environmental footprint. We should take advantage of the strength of bamboo when making our toilet paper selections.


Bamboo Toilet Paper Is Soft


  Bamboo toilet paper is also very soft, often said to be softer than even cotton, which makes it very comfortable to use. Toilet paper is not something you want to be scratchy or to cause irritation of sensitive skin. Bamboo toilet paper lets us feel like we are pampering ourselves which is more than we can often say about traditional toilet paper.


Bamboo Toilet Paper Is Convenient


  Using bamboo toilet paper is also very convenient because there are bamboo toilet paper subscription plans that save us money, save us time, and make sure that we are never left in the lurch without access to the toilet paper we need. These subscriptions also mean we can have our toilet paper sent to us in plastic free packaging which is an improvement over the typical toilet paper we get at the grocery store. Seek Bamboo offers subscription service for bamboo toilet paper.


Bamboo Toilet Paper Is Easy to Dispose


  While bamboo toilet paper is both environmentally friendly to create and use, that is not where the story ends. Bamboo toilet paper is also an eco-friendly toilet paper because it breaks down in water. This means it will not clog your pipes like other types of toilet paper. This also means that more natural ways to handle wastewater such as using planets or certain helpful bacteria, can be used by our communities. So, using bamboo toilet paper is good for your household’s pipes and better for your community as a whole, and yes, bamboo toilet paper is septic safe


  When trying to be more eco-friendly it is always useful to find a product that supports the planet from its creation to its disposal and bamboo toilet paper is one such product. This means we can be confident that the items we are using on our most sensitive skin every day are going to take care of us and our world. Bamboo toilet paper is an easy way to switch to an eco-friendly product that will serve us better than the traditional product we might be using right now. This means we can enjoy the trees out in nature instead of simply washing them down the drain. Check out why Seek Bamboo loves bamboo toilet paper