Bamboo Charcoal Bag Deodorizer

Charcoal Deodorizer Bags

Charcoal Deodorizer Bags


  While we may not like to talk about it, many places around our home are known for collecting bad smells. This is especially true when the weather does not allow us to open our windows and air out our spaces. While there are a wide range of products that can be used to hide these smells such as candles or air fresheners which can provide some relief, in truth we need products that will actually deodorize and not just mask the smells. 

  One such product are charcoal deodorizer bags which are small cloth bags filled with activated charcoal which is known to help absorb bad smells as well as fighting the microorganism which tends to be the cause of bad smells. Do Charcoal bags work? These bags may look very humble but they bring a powerful kick of freshness wherever we use them. Let us look at some of the spaces that are particularly well known for collecting smells and how charcoal deodorizer bags can help reduce the smells in these places. These bamboo charcoal bags can be used to make every corner on your home sweet smelling and fresh! Let us show you how to use bamboo charcoal bags in your home. 

Let charcoal bags cleanse your smelly gym bag

  Gym bags and other sports equipment are notorious for the odors they sometimes produce. In part this is because while you might take a shower, change your clothes, and then put your clothes in the washing machine rarely do you clean your gym bag at the same time. This means the scent of sweat and musk lingers which is not pleasant. We have all experienced moments when our gym bags have become very ripe. Using charcoal deodorizer bags can help. These bags both absorb and neutralize the scent of sweat as well as absorbing moisture which helps decrease the amount of smell causing bacteria that is able to form. So do not give up on your fitness routine because you are concerned about smells. Charcoal bags make it possible to keep all your fitness equipment and gym bags smelling sweet.

Give your shoes a breathe of freshness

  Why do shoes tend to smell so bad? It turns out that when we wear shoes our feet are not ventilated well and the contained sweat and warmth of our feet become a breeding ground for smelly bacteria. It can also be challenging to dry out our shoes as anyone who has stepped in a puddle can attest to. Using charcoal deodorizer bags can help by absorbing this moisture making it harder for the bacteria to grow and therefore making the shoes smell better. Bamboo charcoal bags are also small enough to be placed in your shoes easily. 

Prevent mold with a charcoal deodorizer bag

  Mold is a common issue in many of our homes that has been known to cause health issues such as; throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, cough, and wheezing, as well as skin irritation in some cases. Charcoal deodorizer bags can be helpful in the fight to prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from forming on surfaces. Charcoal bags can be used as a first line defense against the encroachment of mold in our lives. Using charcoal bags for mold prevention has recently become popular for helping create a more sustainable household

Renew your refrigerator

  While that amazing dinner that was cooked last night sure was yummy now everything in your fridge smells like it. It turns out that charcoal bags can be used in the refrigerator too. Activated Charcoal is able to absorb almost all organic molecules which means it can absorb all the smelly molecules that it encounters. And because activated charcoal is very porous, it has lots of surface area for smells to “stick” to. What this means in practice is throwing one or two bags into your refrigerator, and refreshing them in the sun about once a month, means you can enjoy that amazing dinner you cooked without having to worry everything in your refrigerator will smell like it.

Your inside car wash

  There are many causes of musty smells in our cars. One of the reasons that it may seem like we can never quite get rid of all the scents in our cars is because we do not have the time or effort to completely air out and clean our cars. We jump in, drive from location a to location b, and then get out. In addition while we might go to a car wash and clean the outside of our cars we rarely do more than spot cleaning the inside. This is where charcoal deodorizer bags can help. These bags can help absorb any smells we face, while also working on the root cause such as mold or bacteria. Charcoal bags can then be refreshed (or cleaned) by being put in full sun for about an hour once a month.