Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Our Drains?

Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Our Drains


  We've all heard about some of the wonderful benefits of using bamboo toilet paper—both for the environment, like reducing deforestation, and for ourselves, like its strength and softness. However, some people may be concerned that using bamboo toilet paper could clog their drains or damage their septic systems. Clogged drains are a nightmare we all wish to be able to avoid. 

  No matter how much we want to be ecologically friendly, our worry about our pipes can hold us back. Doing right by the planet might not seem worth it if it comes with the headaches and costs of messing up our plumbing system. We also want to be extra careful if we have a septic system, because otherwise we are the ones who are going to have to deal with the mess.

Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Our Drains? 

  The answer is a resounding "No." Bamboo toilet paper is unlike traditional toilet paper (and even recycled toilet paper), which tends to clog pipes and septic systems. Traditional toilet paper causes trouble because it often does not fully break down. Why use bamboo toilet paper? it's 100% biodegradable and takes about a quarter of the time to decompose as compared to conventional or recycled paper toilet tissues. This means using bamboo toilet paper is a good way to make sure our plumbing is humming away. At Seek Bamboo our bamboo toilet paper is septic safe and ready to help you save trees.

  The fact that bamboo toilet paper is biodegradable also means it will not cause headaches for those who treat wastewater in our communities. While having our pipes stay clean is one thing, it is even more important when it comes to our neighborhood pipes, which have been known to get clogged because even items that should break down don’t always. This means that if we use natural toilet paper, we are creating a positive experience for ourselves as well as those in charge of waste water management in our communities.

What If We Have A Septic System?

  For those of us who have septic systems, we have to be even more careful when it comes to picking out toilet paper. We often fear we have to stick with poor quality single-layer toilet paper if we don’t want to overwhelm our systems. Traditional toilet paper is often created by using virgin wood pulp fibers that take 1-3 years to fully decompose. This means it is very likely that such toilet paper will build up in our septic tanks, causing our tanks to need to be emptied more often.

  So, we'll be relieved to learn that bamboo toilet paper is also septic safe, thanks in part to the shorter fibers that make up the toilet paper, which take less time to break down. With tree-free toilet paper, we can have the softness and strength that we crave when it comes to toilet paper while knowing it will play nice with our septic system, which is a relief.

  Regardless of whether we have a septic system or our pipes are part of the sewer system, bamboo toilet paper is the way to go. Using bamboo toilet paper will allow our pipes or septic system to be happy well into the future, and a happy septic system means a happy homeowner. So we can go ahead and use bamboo toilet paper with confidence, knowing that our pipes will be happy. Bamboo toilet paper lets us feel good while also helping improve the environment. There is no reason to limit ourselves to poor quality traditional toilet paper just because we have a septic system.

  When choosing what type of toilet paper to use, we often think in terms of what products will work best with our pipes. We all know of a friend who has old pipes or has seen one of those "please do not flush anything but toilet paper" signs at a business or restaurant. We all know someone who has had issues with their pipes. We might worry that we can’t use good quality toilet paper because we believe if it is soft and strong, it will mess up our pipes. 

  This is why it is so amazing that bamboo toilet paper does not do so. We can use toilet paper that works great, is environmentally friendly, and will work well when it comes to our pipes. In addition, bamboo toilet paper can be cost-effective, especially if we have a toilet paper subscription. So there is nothing that is holding us back from using the best possible toilet paper that is available to us.

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