How to Clean Reusable Cotton Rounds

How to Clean Reusable Cotton Rounds


  We all know how critical it is to wash our faces every night. It is important for us to wash away cosmetics, impurities, and dirt from the surface of our skin. These could lead to skin irritation or cause our skin to age more rapidly. No one wants that. Washing our faces regularly reduces the risk of developing pimples, redness, blackheads, and other types of blemishes. The challenge comes from knowing what products we should use to clean our faces. 

  We may wonder if there are any alternatives to single-use face wipes. This is why more and more of us are reaching for bamboo makeup remover pads that are both soft and free of chemicals. In addition, bamboo is a smart choice for making such products because it naturally has antibacterial properties. Finally, one of the most useful things about using bamboo makeup remover pads is that they are reusable. They can be washed either by hand or with our other laundry. 


How To Wash Our Reusable Cotton Rounds by Hand  


  Even on a delicate cycle, our washing machine will be more demanding on our reusable bamboo rounds than hand washing will be. Washing our cotton rounds by hand will make them last longer and help save electricity and water in the process. 


  Washing them by hand does not have to be completed. We can simply wash our bamboo makeup remover pads with a bit of soap and cold water after each use. This will help prevent stains from setting in and reduce the amount of wear and tear on our cotton rounds by avoiding the washing machine. 


  We can dry our organic cotton rounds by simply placing them on a towel. We can also put them in a mesh bag and hang them to dry. It is imperative that we make sure our rounds are able to fully dry to make sure they stay bacteria-free.  


How To Wash Our Reusable Cotton Rounds in Our Washing Machine


  Another way to wash our bamboo rounds is to use a washing machine. Machine-washing our cotton rounds not only saves time, but also saves us the physical effort of washing them by hand.

  If we want to wash our reusable cotton rounds in the washing machine without causing excessive wear and tear, there are a few tricks we will want to follow. Following these easy tricks will help ensure you keep your reusable cotton rounds the best ever


  • First, we should place our cotton rounds in a mesh bag. Reusable bamboo cotton rounds come with a cotton mesh bag to keep them from getting lost in the washing machine. Reusable rounds are less eco-friendly if our washing machine keeps eating them. If we don’t have a cotton mesh bag, a laundry bag for delicates will also do the trick. 
  • We should always wash our reusable rounds with similar colors or in a separate load. This will help prevent subtle discoloration over time.  
  • We should use a small amount of mild, biodegradable detergent. We should not go overboard. Using too much detergent can make our reusable cotton rounds feel scratchy, which is the last thing we want for something that we wipe on our faces each evening. 
  • We should avoid bleach and fabric softeners. The abrasive chemicals in bleach and fabric softeners will ruin our bamboo cotton rounds. If we want to whiten our bamboo cotton rounds naturally, we can try adding a bit of lemon juice or white vinegar to our load. 
  • In some cases, we may want to pre-soak our cotton rounds in vinegar. For stubborn makeup stains, we can soak our reusable cotton rounds in vinegar and water overnight and then gently scrub them with an old toothbrush. 
  • We should always wash our reusable cotton rounds in cold water on a delicate cycle. Washing our cotton rounds on a cold wash cycle with a slower spin speed will reduce the risk of fiber damage. This means we will be able to use our bamboo rounds more often. This is both better for the planet and can help us save money in the long term. 
  • Once we have washed our reusable bamboo cotton rounds in our washing machine, we are likely to want to make sure they are dry. In this case, we should skip the dryer. Instead, we should place our cotton rounds on a towel or hang them up to dry. If we are in a hurry and really need to use our clothes dryer, we should make sure to put it on a low heat setting. We should also use dryer balls to reduce drying time.

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