how many dryer balls per load

How Many Dryer Balls Per Load?

There is something wonderful about clothes right out of the dryer, especially in the middle of winter. When we are selecting the most suitable products to use in our laundry, making the switch to reusable dryer balls just makes sense. There are many reasons why switching to wool dryer balls is the way to go. Dryer balls are more eco-friendly than other products like single-use dryer sheets, which are typically filled with harsh chemicals. In addition, dryer balls can be reused over and over again, so they save us money in the long run. Don't miss out on all benefits of wool dryer balls.

How Many Dryer Balls Do We Need?

One of our first questions might be, "How many dryer balls do we need?" How many we need really just comes down to the size of our load of laundry. It just makes sense that the bigger the load, the more dryer balls we will require. For small to medium-sized loads, 3 balls should get the job done. For larger loads, we can use 5-6 balls. For extra-large loads, we may want to use as many as 8–12 balls. It is important to note that we should try not to overload our dryers. This is because while dryer balls are convenient, they need to bounce around in our dryer to work. If there is no space, they will not be able to work effectively.

What Is A Dryer Ball?

What do dryer balls do? Dryer balls are balls most commonly made of tightly compressed wool that we can throw into our dryer in place of dryer sheets. They have been shown to help increase our dryer's drying ability by up to 25%. This means we have to dry our clothes for less time, which both saves electricity and helps keep our clothes looking fresh. Dryer balls typically have a lifespan of about 1,000 uses. This means that, depending on how many loads we do per week, they can last anywhere between two and ten years. This means they can really save us money in the long run compared to other products.

How Do Dryer Balls Function?

Dryer balls roll around in the dryer, forcing our laundry items apart, when they would otherwise clump together in one big wet mass. In this way, they help increase air circulation around each item in our dryer. This allows clothing to dry more quickly. This is for the same reasons that a pile of wet towels on the floor will take much longer to dry than if the towels are picked up and hung up.

In addition, as dryer balls tumble around in the laundry, they also naturally soften clothes and linens and gently smooth out wrinkles. This means we save time by not needing to bring out our irons as often. And just like how we feel refreshed and relaxed after getting a massage, our clothing is also nice and soft after using dryer balls. We all want nice, soft clothing to come out of our dryers. No one wants to wear scratchy items.

Why Do Dryer Balls Need to Be Recharged on a Regular Basis?

We will want to recharge our wool dryer balls from time to time. This is because wool can become overstressed and lose too much moisture, making it too brittle and less absorbent than it was previously. We will know it’s time to recharge our wool dryer balls when they are either starting to look a touch rough or when we notice they are not helping us achieve the same drying results as before. Don't worry, check out our best tips on how to refresh your wool dryer balls.

How Can We Recharge Dryer Balls?

It is often suggested that every 6 months or so we recharge our dryer balls. This is a fairly simple process. We should first take our wool dryer balls and run them through our clothes washer on the gentle cycle with hot water. Not only will this help clean our dryer balls somewhat by removing some of the lint and fiber buildup they may have accumulated, but it will also rehydrate them. This will make them better at absorbing moisture during drying by rejuvenating over-dried wool fibers.

Next, we can run our dryer balls through our clothes dryer on high heat. While we can throw them in with other clothes, it is best to wash them by themselves. This is because since they are wet, they won’t help the load dry faster. In fact, since they are so waterlogged, they might make the entire load dry slower. It is important to make sure they have completely dried before we use them in a load. Curious if it's safe to use essential oils on dryer balls?

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